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It has been more than two years since we planned to hold our 9th World Congress of the Assemblies of God Unlimited in Madrid, Spain. The pandemic made it impossible to celebrate the event, and after an initial postponement, it was permanently canceled.

We know that the cancelation of the World Congress caused great difficulty for many brethren who had planned their flights and reservations. We had thousands of registrants from more than 110 nations, dozens of speakers and musicians, as well as 400 volunteers ready to work and make the event possible with the expectation that we were at the gates of a glorious time with the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, after three years of intense preparations, the decision to cancel created a huge logistical and financial upheaval for our organizers. However, at all times, we have felt the Lord accompanying us with His peace and wisdom, not to mention the understanding, prayers, and invaluable support of many brothers and sisters. Together with the executives of WAGF, we have managed to overcome the impact of not being able to celebrate

WAGC Unlimited 2020. Our team has always had the certainty that, although this Congress could not be held, the Holy Spirit has been preparing us for something more glorious, which was already on the divine agenda.

So, with the support of the WAGF Executive Committee, we have begun to work from Madrid to celebrate the 9th WAGC 2023: SHINE! Called to Influence to be held from October 12-14, 2023.

Our theme, SHINE! Called to Influence, invites us to consider the need for the Church to arise, awaken, and manifest the glory of God in this world. Several texts have inspired us in the lead up to this World Congress, in particular Isaiah 60:1-3 and Matthew 5:14-16. We believe that the Lord wants His Church to rise and shine in this time of darkness and uncertainty. The Church must be determined not to live hidden or discreetly. On the contrary, it is time for the Church to prophetically lead these times. Jesus expressed this by saying that believers must be like a city set on a hill or like a lamp placed on high so that men may see their light and glorify God.

Some objectives of the Congress will be:

1. World Launch of the MM33 Vision

The MM33 Vision will be launched at this Congress in Madrid. The search for a new revival in the global Church is both a necessity and a priority, so we need to wake up and rise to shine His glory in our lives and nations.

2. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Following the pandemic, the Church is also in need of a visitation from the Holy Spirit. We want to have unforgettable times of worship. Together, we will look upon Jesus to pour down from the heavens His new wine, a new Pentecost. We long to experience mira- cles and for the Word of God, along with the moving of the Holy Spirit, to restore, heal, and awaken many believers and ministries that will surely come seeking to be revitalized by the Lord’s presence.

3. New Generations

This Congress will be intergenerational. We believe that the Holy Spirit desires that the younger generations take a decisive role in this historic time.

Therefore, we will propose that within the WAGC 2023, the 1st World Youth Congress take place. We wish to bring together hundreds of youth leaders from all around the world so that together, they can unite to promote a global agenda for an unprecedented revival.

4. Workshops

Our program will include a variety of workshops and lectures that will help us keep up with our responsi- bility to be better-prepared leaders. The pandemic has brought a sense of hastening and has challenged us on the need to be current with our Christian practice and be better prepared to connect with the community. Dozens of keynote speakers will be ready to provide us with training and tools in topics appropriate for the 21st–century Church.

5. Opening of Registration

Registration for the 9th WAGC 2023: SHINE! will open on September 26, 2022. The Congress website is:

You may also share the link to this promotional video:

We encourage you to save the date, register, and join in prayer that we will have a face-to-face encounter with God that will shape the future of the Assemblies of God and the Church worldwide.