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We are living in the most critical times globally since World War II. Nobody doubts the great instability we face on an economic level. There are threats of unknown degrees which are the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Notwithstanding these things, we know that the darkest moments in history can be the moment for the Church to rise up and be a prophetic voice of light to all nations (Isaiah 60:1-3). 

When we think about the organization of our IX World Congress in Madrid 2023, the logical thought during these threatening times would be to reconsider celebrating our global event. It is even possible that some people might have suggested it. Nevertheless, with each day that passes we are sustained by the idea that after six years this is the best possible time for our World Fellowship to come together and take a stand by being light in the midst of so much darkness and despair. 

Our motto, Shine! Called to Influence, is a call to act responsibly during the orld crises that we are experiencing. “Shine!” is not a choice but a call to obey Jesus’ command to be “Light.” We need to seek the Holy Spirit’s direction and be intentional in carrying out the mission and seek a new awakening that will lead us to gather the biggest harvest in history. 

We believe this Congress in Madrid will be strategic for the following reasons: 

  • It is a call to all leaders and workers of the Assemblies of God who are committed to the call of God to fulfill the mission. This leader’s gathering will cause a great spiritual impact which will initiate a new period in the history of the WAGF.
  • Global MM33, which is agreed to by all national movements of the WAGF family, will be launched and is a prophetic act that will challenge us to be intentional in reaching our goal of one million churches by 2033.
  • The leaders of the next generations are being summoned to celebrate together their first Next Gen World Congress which will take place within the Congress’ program in Madrid. We believe this will be a transcendent moment as it unites the next generations with a shared vision to face future challenges with hope. 
  • We will be challenged to identify the keys that will allow us to strengthen our essence as the Assemblies of God and at the same time prepare us for the renewal that the present XXI century demands of us.
  • We will experience a wonderful time in the Presence of God within the time of praise and worship, intercession, receiving the Word of God, and in fraternal communion. We will seek in Agreement a visitation of the Holy Spirit to revitalize our lives and ministries, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and experience the manifestation of miracles.
  • The World Congress in Madrid will be a Jesus Celebration where your faith will be rewarded and where you will be part of a one-of-a-kind moment in history. 

We would like to remind you that registration is now open. Sign up ahead of time at our IX WAGC Shine! Website: You will be able to find all the information needed to register and view other services offered. Our registration team is at your service to guide you through the process. 

We hope to see you in Madrid. We know of the faith and effort required for you to participate but we believe that God will support your decision to be with us in Spain. 

Welcome to Madrid!