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Physical Accessibility


  • The metro station Lago (line 10) is adapted for reduced mobility as well as all the public buses that access the area. 


  • The main entrance to the building has a ramp 12 m wide, 18.70 m long, with a practicable slope of 9.2%. 
  • It has handrails and a non-slip wooden floor. 
  • Access doors with the same characteristics around the perimeter, through which one enters directly to level 2. 
  • In front of each door is a small ramp 72 cm deep, the same width as the door and a suitable slope of 9.2%; it bridges the difference in level between the interior and exterior of the building. 
  • The building can be accessed from levels 0 and 1, going up and down exterior vehicular ramps and entering through secondary doors. 
  • Both entrances are accessible to wheelchair users. 


  • There are 14 toilet cabins for wheelchair users, one for each battery of men’s and women’s toilets. 
  • They are marked with the Universal Accessibility Symbol (AIS). 
  • There are 12 cabins on level 1 and 2 on level 0. 
  • Doors with a clear passage space of more than 80 cm. 
  • Mobility inside the toilet 150 cm. free of obstacles. 
  • Toilet with lateral approach space of 75 cm. and support bars on both sides at 76 cm. height. 
  • Washbasin without foot that allows frontal approach and with pressure tap.  


  • Three floors (level 0 -track-, level 1, and level 2) are connected by four elevators with the same characteristics, fixed stairs, and escalators. 
  • One elevator connects the three levels, and the other three only levels 0 and 1. 
  • The elevators have doors 120 cm. wide and interior dimensions of 147X270 cm. 
  • Places reserved for wheelchairs 
  • On level 2, there are four areas with reserved places for wheelchair users. Each zone can accommodate 12 wheelchair users and 12 accompanying persons. 
  • On level 0 to get out onto the track, it is necessary to climb a ramp with a slope of less than 8%. 

Sign Language

This Congress will have a service for deaf people with interpretation in different sign languages: American (ASL), French (LSF), Spanish (LSE), and Catalan (LSC).  We would also like to inform you that the Assemblies of God has a world department for the deaf: WDAG (World Deaf Assemblies of God), which is organizing its 6th World Congress in Lloret next year de Mar (Girona). Deaf people from all congregations of the Assemblies of God in the world will participate in this Congress. The event date will be: From October 4 until the 11th, 2023. 

If you wish to attend, you can register and learn more at: 


We will be using pictograms around the event and our resources. Pictograms are pictorial signs that aim to identify actions and places associated with universal accessibility. The accessible pictogram represents a new graphic asset designed to identify with simplicity and clarity beyond cultural, linguistic, or cognitive boundaries.