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Next Generation is now!

The presence of the Next Generation Commission for the first time at the 2023 World Congress will provide time for both the youth and their leaders to experience a renewal of the Holy Spirit through Spirit-empowered preaching, powerful times of community, and worship. You do not want to miss it! 


The World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF) Next Generation Commission (WAGF NGC) exists to transfer Spirit-empowered passion to children and youth, to create interactive relational environments for national, regional, and global leaders, and to form strategic partnerships among existing and emerging networks to strengthen the future of the Assemblies of God.


The WAGF NGC seeks to create a culture of honor in the spirit of Malachi 4:6 and Acts 2:17. We affirm the need for intergenerational dialogue, prayer, and ministry. We affirm the need for intentionality during leadership transitions. We affirm the need for local and national churches to prioritize Spirit-empowered preaching and discipleship and demonstrating the Full Gospel to children, youth, and young adults.

  1. A functioning youth and children’s program in every general council.
  2. A measurable increase in children and youth in WAGF churches globally.
  3. Create a space for dialogue, prayer, ministry, and strategic partnership at each Triennial WAGF Global Congress.
  4. To serve as a resource for Pentecostal next-gen discipleship, networks, and contacts to the WAGF and affiliated national churches.
  5. To see the release of future ministers, church planters, and missionaries in WAGF general councils.

Next Generation World Congress

We are static to announce our first-ever Next Generation World Congress!

We wanted to make the most of our brothers and sisters worldwide who are making plans to converge in Madrid for this incredible event opening a space for the NextGen.

We want our youth leaders to understand their current role in God’s work in and through the younger generations so that they can continue the legacy of Spirit-empowered living, discipleship, and demonstrating the Full Gospel to their youth, our most valuable resource.

At the same time, we want the teens and young adults ages 14 to 25 to recognize that it’s their time to be disciples and make disciples. They do not have to wait, the fields are ripe for harvest!. John 4:35

There will also be time to create connections with peers from around the world.

Next-Generation will have a specific program and a parallel stage, international Dynamic Youth speakers you do not want to miss! and a Special Performing Arts Exhibits.

*Note: If you bought your ticket for NextGen, you must go to NextGen, except for the General sessions, which are for everyone.