Children Meal (Lunch + Picnic), Friday 13


Children meal for Friday, October 13

  1. This pack is available for children under 14.
  2. The pack includes both the lunch menu and a “picnic” package to be delivered at the end of the afternoon session.
  3. You must select the amount corresponding to the number of attendees who will be eating.

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  • The pack we offer includes both the midday meal in “table service” and a “picnic” package that we will deliver at the end of the afternoon session.
  • You must obtain the corresponding ticket for each of the days you want to eat at the congress facilities.
  • The ticket is individual, so you must purchase the number of tickets corresponding to the number of people who will eat in your group or family.
  • Each ticket comes with a QR code. A volunteer will check your access before you can proceed to pick up your menu.
  • You can access your tickets at any time from your user account.
  • Reserved seating is available for attendees who reserve a menu to sit and eat.
  • Lunch will be served in two shifts of 1 hour each.
  • At the congress you will also have other dining options available within the congress venue.