Simultaneous translation service on demand.

You can rent the translation service by choosing the language in which you want to listen to the plenary sessions at a single cost for the three days of the congress. You can choose between French, Italian and Portuguese as available languages at the moment.

This service is only available in the main auditorium, therefore those workshops held in other rooms or those Next Generation plenary sessions held in the “Pabellón de Cristal” will not have this service available.

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The World Congress Organization has provided exclusive reception areas for each of the available languages. This means that when you enter the main auditorium, our volunteers will indicate the area reserved for attendees who will receive your receiver with the selected language.

It is important that you understand that the audio reception area will be limited to a specific space and that when you move away from that area you will no longer receive the translation.

For technical reasons, the only workshops that will receive simultaneous translation are those held in the main auditorium.

Plenary sessions in the Next Generation Auditorium do not have simultaneous translation.

At the end of each plenary session you must return the receiver to the designated area in order to recharge the battery.